Happy-Note For mum

For families with children vacationing from overseas.
The translated version of the special edition of
articles popular with Japanese mums.
Only available at MIKIHOUSE stores in Japan.

Welcome to Japan!

For those who are traveling to Japan with
their small children, we have a full line-up
of high quality childcare items and services,
and travel information that is useful for
enjoying shopping and sightseeing.
We hope you have a wonderful time in Japan!

Parenting family
supporting company

Child-friendly hotels in Japan

These hotels offer a comfortable stay
for families visiting Japan with babies and children.
The guest rooms offer safe, suitable environment for
babies and children, and special services are available
to welcome families from abroad. Furthermore,
travelers have an opportunityto be exposed
to Japanese parenting culture.
These hotels have satisfied a certain level of
our company's standards upon an on-site evaluation.
We hope you have a wonderful time in Japan!

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